Photosoc is the photographic society of the University of Edinburgh. We are currently both the oldest and the largest university photographic society in the UK with an annual membership nearing 400 individuals.

Photosoc welcomes students and non-students, digital and film lovers, complete beginners and keen amateurs.


Each week we put on a talk, workshop, or just general get together where members of the committee and real life professionals pass on their knowledge. These are completely free for members and have a small charge if you are a non member. You can come along and sign up on the night so no need to panic. Our weekly newsletter, this website, or our facebook page will keep you up to date on our events.

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We run a Saturday trip to somewhere with in bus distance every two weeks. These can be the Botanical Gardens, or the Glasgow markets. These are a fun and practicle ways to put your new skills to the test. Each trip tries to relate to the previous workshop so it is fresh in your mind.

Once a semester we go slightly further into Scotland and take a few days to enjoy the surounding and take great photos. This November we are going to Aviemore, but keep checking about details for next semester.

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Digital, film, nature, urban, wildlife, portraits, studio, beauty, street... You name it and we have someone in the society who has dedicated their time in that field.

If you want to learn or teach an area of photography, or don't have a clue where to start, you are very much welcome to join us.

Check out the Gallery and flickr group for some the members work and don't forget to check what the next meeting is about.

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Week 4

Talk: Choosing your gear

Where: Pentland Room (Pleasance)

When: 6th February (Friday)

Timing: 7 - 8pm

This Friday, Tair will be speaking on the variables involved when choosing your gear.

Week 3

Landscape and Macro photography

Where: Pentland Room (Pleasance)

When: 30th January (Friday)

Timing: 7 - 8:30pm

This Friday, Vasillis will be speaking on equipment, camera settings and other techniques used in landscape photography.

Week 2

Talk: 'Landscape photography' and 'Choosing your gear'

Where: Pentland Room (Pleasance)

When: 23rd January

Timing: 7pm

Our next talk this Friday will touch on landscape photography by Tom Duffins who will share his experience photographing landscapes and cityscapes.

Week 1

Talk: 'Composition' and 'Success, failure and the drive to keep creating'

Where: Pentland Room (Pleasance)

When: 16th January

Timing: 7pm - 8pm

Happy new year and welcome back to Edinburgh for the new semester! Our first meeting for the semester will take place this Friday 7pm.

Week 12 Events! 2014-2015

Xmas Dinner Potluck

Where: Teviot Study

When: Friday 5th Dec

Timing: 7:30pm

It's been an amazing semester with many enthusiastic photographers joining us on our trips, talks, competitions and exhibitions.